VENBEYCAP’s Mackenzie Robinson mission to spread entrepreneurship


Mackenzie Robinson is an evangelist in service to her mission: To provide people, mostly in Third World countries, with resources that will enable them to move the start and grow a business to improve their daily lives.

Robinson is the Executive Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy, at Venture Beyond (VENBEYCAP). A private equity and venture capital firm,  VENBEYCAP, was founded to manage and hold the investments, landholdings, and companies of American Entrepreneur Courtney Jordan. Such companies like CellCom Mobile, the UK domain registrar and web hosting company, Host Rite, and a textiles factory in Bangladesh, are among the companies managed in the portfolio.

VENBEYCAP also seeds to invest in companies at an early stage of development. “VENBEYCAP embodies the spirit of its founder, Courtney Jordan, who believes in the uplifting of those under-resourced.” Says Mackenzie, the American who grew up on the coast of the state of North Carolina. Robinson started out working as head of the community program created by Jordan, to help improve how students learn and retain information.  “ it was the mission of our program to teach how to learn, rather than learning to memorize” says Robinson.

In 2016, the organization, “the Courtney Jordan Group” went through a shift and begin closing out programs, wanting more to focus more on the global community rather than the local.“ Courtney [Jordan] wanted to see a growth in our mission” During this period Mackenzie was promoted to be in charge at the executive level, put in command of all humanitarian efforts for the company. 

A posting she takes very seriously, having moved from her small ocean town to the metropolitan streets of London. “ The move was exciting, and I really thank Mandee [Woodard] for helping me get settled in.” “ I am constantly on the go trying to get things set in place for the foundation and working towards our first class.”  It is through the Courtney Jordan Foundation, Mackenzie will be not just overseeing giving but organizing the initiative that will help aid third world entrepreneurship.

Setting up lessons and opening a line of communication to entrepreneur mentors across the globe to help teach and guide the entrepreneurs. “ in the words of Mr. Jordan, ‘When you give an apple, you solve hunger for a day. When you give a seed, with the knowledge of the harvest. You solve hunger for generations.’ Mr. Jordan believes that if you give, give with purpose, give with education. When you plant the seed, teach how to harvest more seeds from the apple.” “ It is our hope that by partnering with other entrepreneurs and investing in them wholly we can help shift the tide from generational poverty to building generational wealth.” 

Mackenzie kicked off the spring season with the VENBEYCAP’s 1st annual garden party. The outdoor event was planned by Mackenzie, with a goal of raising £50,000 to help with setting up the infrastructure in Comilla. Much to Robinson’s surprise, by the end of the night the event had raised over £230,000. “it’s amazing to me that we all can see and understand the power of entrepreneurship, and the impact it can have.” 

Finally, Mackenzie adds, I love what I do — travel, hands-on helping and creative entrepreneurism. So I think I’m going to be doing this for a long, long time.”

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