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The Queen Of Shade | Bjorn Duphot | London Examiner

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When you think of the word shade a term regularly used by the yanks. Which is defined by the ‘urban dictionary’ “as acting in a casual or disrespectful manner towards someone/dissing a friend.”

Something far from what you would describe the popular internet celebrity ‘Bjorn Duphot’ or The Queen of Shade as Duphot is known to his fans. Duphot is an American Singer/Song writer.

A self described transvestite has turned his social media platforms into one of inspiration. Setting out to promote self love and living an authentic life. With his in your face level of bluntness. Duphot takes to the digital waves to motivate his growing following with direct advise on real life situations.

Adorned in his grandmum’s (referred to as the Queen Mother, Duchess of Shade.) hats and fascinators, and in lavished costumes, talks directly to his fans on the issues varying from moving forward  and past hate, and self doubt. The “Stoic” singer is open about his struggles with mental illness and pushes messages of hope and a life worth living.

Courtesy of Instagram – @iamthequeenofshade

On 16 January 19 Duphot took to instagram to announce a hiatus much to the dismay of his fans many of whom turn to the social media star for daily inspiration. 

‘The Queen of Shade is an incredible talent with the most unique voice I’ve ever heard. She is simply the best, her voice and words helped me through the worse part of my life’ Adrianna Lassiter said. Lassiter is a fan of the Queen of Shade and also the daughter of our publisher.

Video Courtesy of Instagram – @iamthequeenofshade

Lassiter goes on to say “ The Queen of Shade is more than a songstress but an example of what it means to overcome and to keep pushing. She is that kick in the arse you need to keep going.” “ her bravery is astounding and her music connects me to places I need need to be. A connection with the love that is out there” Her videos aren’t  fodder for cheapen fame, like most internet celebrities. Rather, one of genuine care and compassion.” “The Queen of Shade shares with conviction her experiences un encumbered by fear of social correctness and driven from a place of love.” She even engages the Queen Mother who is the granny we all wish we had.”  Who shows us that age is no excuse to be unaccepting.” 

Yesterday, Lassiter along with the tens of thousands that call themselves fans of the queen of shade were excited as the Queen returned to the throne.

***The Queen of Shade is on the shortlist for the London Examiner inaugural influential 100 list. In with the nominees will be selected by the judges, set to be released 25 March 19.

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