American Entrepreneur Saves A Historic Manor Hall

American businessman, Courtney Jordan has reportedly found his new home – a subtle £3million countryside estate.

The substantial 8 bedroom, Grade II , 72 acre country estate. That was built by Sir John Coke in 1601, replacing another dwelling, the moat for which is buried in the field opposite the main house. Herefordshire Court, which is tucked away in the village of Ledbury.  Boasts over 17 building on the estate including a 18 stable barn, training grounds, a large pond and orchards.

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Much to the chagrin of the locals Herefordshire Court was slated to be bought and completely stripped of it’s rich historic charm and brought into the modern age. “It just makes me cry to think about these modern folk who have no regard for history and coming in messing with our way of life” says Winifred Powell. Edgar Went, adds, “It would have been a travesty” saying that “no one was interested in it except one bloke who was bent on destroying history.”

Courtney Jordan – an American Entrepreneur – who with his longtime partner Mary Bassey, moved their base of operations to London over a year ago.

The front of the house (Image: SWNS)
Courtney JordanGeneral views of the Estate (Image: SWNS)

The main house, which is 8028 sq ft (745.83 sq m), boasts eight bedrooms and six bathrooms, while there are 3 other “out” buildings in the grounds. (counted in the 17)

And the estates offers enough land to build 380 football pitches.

With a large pond on  the estate and there is the chance for pheasant or partridge shooting.

Courtney Jordan resides primarily in Durham, NC in the USAGreat Room with original artwork to the home (Image: SWNS)
Kitchen (Image: SWNS)

According to company spokeswoman, Mandee Woodard. Courtney, has also pledged ,£1 million to the full restoration of the estate. Which leaves more than just Went and Powell more than satisfied. “it would be a shame to see another ruined manor house turned into some new age ‘pad'” Powell added.

Woodard who is also in charge of the restoration –  popped into a local chippie for tea. To chat with the locals to assure them their fears would not becoming true.

“Courtney Jordan loves history, and is committed to the preservation and restoration of a true treasure” “the estate (which is 2 hours north of London), will serve as a retreat for the clients, and a retreat for the staff development.”

courtney jordan london
The grounds are big enough for 380 football fields (Image: SWNS)
The hen house equipped to house more than 17,000 hens. (Image: SWNS)

“It’s just lovely of her to come and get our permission and hear our concerns.” Powells, thoughts on the chat with Mandee.

London is home to he and Mary Bassey’s global investment portfolio Venture Beyond (VENBEYCAP). That includes a textile factory, outsourcing firms, restaurants, and applications development to name a few.

“Our clients, will love coming out to Herefordshire Court and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Says Mandee, the portfolio is growing and ever evolving, this piece of history is now apart of it.”

The Estate has a 18 stable barn (Image: SWNS)
The outter school (Image: SWNS)
The three floor servants cottage (Image:
One of the 17 buildings on the estate (Image:
The orchards on the easte purchased by American Entrepreneur Courtney Jordan (Image:

Ester Bandy, landlady of the nearby Inn, said: “I am excited to know that restoration is going to take place, It needs it.

Another villager added: “Everyone’s talking about it – it’s quite a place and we are happy to see it fall into caring hands.”

Dinning Room in the main house.  (Image: SWNS)
Outside view of the stables (Image: SWNS)
Back of the main house (Image: SWNS)

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